Learn Bridge in 4 days!

Bridge Tuition

It is possible you have already thought about learning bridge, but have never got round to it, or perhaps are a little bit rusty and wish to increase your confidence and build on the foundations of what you already know, or maybe you already play bridge and you would like your friends to learn too. Our teaching methods are ideal for those who are starting from scratch and those whose knowledge may be a little bit rusty, patchy or hesitant. Our approach is to take you at a safe and steady pace so that you quickly get the hang of things and become enthusiastic and confident for the next stage. Most importantly it is FUN! 

We are offering a beginner course alongside our regular bridge course at one of our favourite hotels, Hotel Tresanton, St Mawes, Cornwall. 

Dates: Monday 4th December - Friday 8th December 2023

15% discount for any group of 4 beginners booking at the same time
The advantage of booking with 3 friends is that you can continue playing together after the holiday has finished either face-to-face or on-line.
As well as course booklets and face-to-face tuition, beginners can take advantage of free online beginner lessons (through Zeb’s new teaching site) to complement their learning. Click HERE to download the brochure.

Come and join us on any of our regular trips!

Beginners (and near beginners) are very much welcome on ALL of our trips but we do need a table of four (three is possible, but not perfect). Then throughout the trip, whilst the more experienced players are enjoying the regular bridge program, the beginners will be whisked off to have their own lessons with a dedicated teacher; essentially private lessons – it’s the perfect way to launch your bridge career! The advantage of having a table of four is that you can then march on after the trip, playing/practising/learning together.

 The tuition for beginners will be a mixture of lessons with set deals and supervised play, with each player receiving Zeb’s beginner booklet set.

 If you have a ready-made table of four, then it is straightforward - you can book any of our bridge breaks, just let us know when booking that you are beginners. If you are a pair or a single player, then get in touch to see whether there are other beginners who have registered interest in the trip and we will then try to build a table of four for you.

I enjoyed the holiday more than I could have imagined. Excellent course and practice. Confidence boosting and the perfect platform to get started. I have been left full of enthusiasm to 'get going' when I get home.

It's been a truly wonderful experience. The bridge tuition has far exceeded my expectations and the team have been fantastic. 

I loved my stay and the very good bridge lessons. 

Hotel Tresanton

St Mawes invigorates you with its fresh sea air, warm micro-climate and a clarity of light cherished by visiting artists. This is probably the smartest hotel in Cornwall, not because of formality or grandeur (in fact, quite the opposite), but because of how it makes you feel - wonderful! A former yachting club, the hotel was fashioned from a cluster of old houses in the 1950s, hence its higgledy-piggledy levels. Step forward Olga Polizzi in 1999, and Tresanton was transformed into the Cornish equivalent of a chic and sprawling Greek villa, full of mood-lit nooks and characterful rooms. There are fantastic views throughout the hotel across the sheltered bay to St Anthony’s lighthouse and the rolling hills of the Roseland peninsula..

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